An augmented video game playtest protocol

Get insight on user engagement and emotions like never before. Enhance your test process with Neurofeedback evidence in all development stages.

What is EmoHack?

Emohack is an innovative playtest protocol embedding a Neurofeedback based analytics engine that provides visibility of player’s engagement and emotions aligned with the in-game triggers and events.


Under the hood!

Emohack generates emotional indexes from a robust playtest protocol that converts raw brain signals into meaningful brainwaves. The Arousal and Valence chart composing the Emohack report enhances playtest accuracy and reduces the needed testers and testing budgets to audit user engagement.

The benefits for the video game players

Different types of digital content creators can benefit from EmoHack. But the following are the first groups that we customized the tool for their usage.

Game Developer

  • Track the valence and arousal of the players
  • Track the emotional triggers
  • Compare your game in different development stages with other titles in the market

Game Publisher

  • Evaluate new titles faster and more accurate
  • Find the best target market segment for the most optimized UI cost

Game VC

  • Secure the investment by benchmarking the projects
  • Evaluate the games in different development stages


BrightSight (Functional Engine)

Aligned with the in-game triggers and recorded video of the screen, BrightSight exposes the tester’s brain waves, emotions and engagement. By running enough tests, it would be possible to gather meaningful objective feedback and put the game in benchmark with other titles.

Sample project analysis

Access EmoHack sample playtest portfolio

Angrybirds 2

Unfold the best practice of user flow

War Robots

Using in-game social elements to increase arousal

Disney Getaway Blast

How to develop the mantra in the form of a video game?

Call for partners

If you are a QA & play testing company or a QA manager in a game development studio you can boost the quality of your job with EmoHack.

QA & Playtesting

Enrich your evaluation and reports with objective accurate insight

QA Manager

Find the weaknesses and strengths of your design the fastest with direct Neuro-feedback

Learn the secret sauce!

Grab your coffee, sit down and enjoy the detailed analysis of your favourite and successful titles in the market and learn what their magical recipe is!